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Composite Bridge Plug

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Frontier Oil Tools Composite Bridge Frac Plug

Composite Bridge Frac Plug

Composite Frac Plug provides a means to isolate multiple zones during high pressure stimulation frac operations. The plug accepts a ball which can be dropped from surface or ran in place, the plug allows for fluid to flow from above to below until the ball seats giving isolation from above. The operator can pressure up against the frac plug to isolates lowers stages, Due to the composite material the plug can be easily milled and circulated back to surface.

Frontier Oil Tools LW Mechanical Compression Tension Set Packer

LW Mechanical Compression Tension Set Packer

The LW Mechanical Set Compression/Tension Set Packer can be run in either direction depending on the function requirement. The Packer utilizes hold-down Slip to keep Packer Anchored. Constrained Slips also allow for rotation while running the liner downhole and are held firmly to the cone preventing slip damage.

Tie Back Receptacle

Tie-Back Receptacle attaches to the Liner Top Packer and provides a sealing bore. This polished bore is used to tie the well back to surface, provide a sealing bore for fracturing operations or for landing a second trip packer in case of a liner-top leak. ​