Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

Liner Wiper Plug


During the cementing process the liner will have to be wiped clean of leftover cement to prevent cross contamination between the cement and displacement fluid. The Liner Wiper Plug (LWP) is a rubber wiping device used in liner hanger applications. Attached to the end of the liner hanger running tool, the LWP is launched upon receipt of the drill pipe wiper plug. It also serves to wipe the inner diameter (ID) of the liner pipe to prevent sheathing or sticking of hardened cement to the inside of the liner.


  • Ported design allows fluid venting in the annular space
  • ID latching profile receives drill pipe wiper plug
  • OD latching profile securely locks into landing collar. 5,000 psi pressure rating from above and below when plugs are latched
  • Locking feature prevents spinning during drill out
  • PDC drillable aluminum construction
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