Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

Reamer Shoe


When working with unstable formations where overgauge hole, packing off, or ledging is a problem, operators may have difficulty reaching Total Depth with the casing string. To ensure the casing string does not get stuck while Running in Hole in these unstable formations, a reamer shoe is deployed as a primary mechanism to safely perform fluid circulation, overcome wellbore obstructions, and wash-down and clean outs thanks to its eccentric nose. The reamer shoe is outfitted with cutters that allows the casing to be reamed to bottom without getting stuck. Design allows for easy drill out after the casing has been cemented. Features
  • Check valve allows flow downwards only to prevent ā€œUā€ tube effect
  • Cast iron and erosion resistant spring-loaded plunger valve capable of withstanding heavy-duty well conditions
  • Internal parts are made of high density material for strength and resistance to abrasion