Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

Anchor Latch Sub with TBR


The Anchor latch sub with TBR is the upper most portion of the retrievable down hole FPV assembly. This tool provides the carrying profile, debris barrier and tie-back receptacle (TBR) for landing of Running/Pulling and Production stinger. At the top of this sub there is a left hand square thread. This thread is used by the running/pulling stinger. The stinger is latched into this during running and pulling operations. Below the running thread is a debris barrier. This wiper barrier is provided to minimize sand and debris from falling into the inner workings of FPV system. The lower part of the sub is the polished bore. This polished bore provides a suitable surface for sealing. Sealing the annular area of the stinger is needed to properly direct completion fluid into the stinger’s internal diameter for production. The polished bore area can be provided in various lengths to allow the tubing to be landed in either tensile, compression or neutral.


  • Positive field proven left hand thread (right hand release) carrying/pulling design
  • Debris barrier minimizes debris which might settle back into inner workings of the FPV.
  • Tie-Back Receptacle allows landing and sealing of annular area which directs all flow into the stinger