Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

Production Stinger


The Production Stinger is a device which is run directly below the ESP pump. When the ESP is being installed, the production stinger is used to trip open the bi-directional valves within FPV system. After the system is open, this stinger acts as the flow conduit during production. The Production Stinger contains a internal check valve. When the ESP is operating, this check valve is open and allows flow from below. When the ESP is not operating, the check valve isolates all upper annulus fluid. Above the check valve are angled holes which allow produced fluids to exit the stinger and enter the ESP. The Production stinger has external seals. These seals direct all production flow through the stinger ID and past the check valve. These seals are landed into the polished bore of the FPV assembly. The stinger is used to space out the ESP pump assembly so that it is not landed in excessive compression during the heat up of production. If the ESP pump needs to be removed from down hole, the production stinger is retrieved by straight pick up. The production Stinger is retrieved along with the ESP.


  • Straight pick up and set down it trip open bi-direction FPV valve/s.
  • Stinger provides both check valve and external seals which isolate the upper annulus when ESP is non-operational.
  • Provides flow exit for production above the FPV assembly