Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

Formation Protection Valve


The FPV valve is a bi-direction sealing device used in conjunction with ESP artificial lift equipment. When a production stinger is landed into this tool, the well bore is free to flow through the valve assembly and into the lift system. When the production stinger is removed in order to service the lifting system, the bi-directional valves close. Once the bi-directional valves are closed, the well bore is sealed from above and below. This allows for servicing of the ESP equipment with or without kill fluids. Fluids are prevented from moving either into or out of the formation by the dual barriers.


  • Bi-directional valves for positive sealing of the well bore from both above and below
  • Prevents formation damage associated with kill fluid during ESP servicing
  • Valves contain both a soft elastomer seal and metal-to-metal sealing areas
  • Stinger strokes completely past valves to protect the inner working of the tool from production debris
  • Wiper seal cleans heavy viscous fluids from stinger
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