Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

Ball Seat Landing Collar


A Ball Seat Landing Collar is a component used when running hydraulic set Liner Hangers. The Landing collar is installed near the bottom of the liner string. This tool allows for the landing of a ball to hydraulically actuate up-hole tools. The landing collar also has a profile to stop and latch the liner wiper plug during the primary cementing operation, and a mating clutch design that prevents rotation during liner drill-out.


  • Ball seat pressure is field adjustable without disassembly.
    • Adjustable shear up to 5,000 psi
  • Once ball seat is sheared, the ball and seat are contained within the landing collar so no debris flows downhole to foul the float equipment.
  • Aluminum internal parts are PDC drillable
  • Latching liner wiper plug profile:
    • 5,000 psi pressure rating from above and below when plug/s are latched.
    • Clutch profile prevents wiper plug/s from spinning during drill-out
  • Full casing ID after drill-out Matching liner connections and material on outer housing
  • Meets or exceeds liner tensile, burst and collapse ratings