Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

High Capacity Liner Hanger Packer


The Liner Hanger Packer is a downhole device used to suspend or “hang” long sections of oilfield casing inside a drilled open hole section of a well. This hanger operates by hydraulically pushing the slips up the cone taper providing a wedge to hang the liner. The hanging of a liner has several advantages; they can be used to case off problem zone areas, allow for better cement jobs in long well sections, and provide two sealing barriers to the formation when using a Liner Top Packer.


  • Multiple slip sets provide for increased load rating
  • Allows rotation while running
  • Fully hardened, mechanically constrained slips
  • Integral Liner Packer and Liner Hanger provides shorter overall length for use in deviated applications
  • Reliable hydraulic slip activation
  • No weld construction
  • Field adjustable setting pressures
  • Equipped with a positive stop to prevent the cylinder from over stroking
  • Non-swabbing, bonded packing element
  • A premium double threaded locking ring system assures the packing element stays firmly set and sealed
  • 10,000 PSI differential pressure rating
  • V3 Rated
Part Number:
Pressure Rating:
10,000 PSI