Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

Hydraulic-Set Permanent Liner Hanger Packer


The Hydraulic-Set Permanent Liner Hanger Packer is a downhole device used to suspend or “hang” long sections of oilfield casing inside a drilled open hole section of a well. This tool is specifically designed to be used in un-cemented liner applications where slotted liners or screens are used. This tool operates by hydraulically actuating bi-directional slips while simultaneously setting a packing element. Once set, the liner is firmly locked preventing both upward and downward movement. The annular space between the casing ID and the liner (liner top) is sealed.


  • Reliable hydraulic slip activation
  • No weld construction
  • Steel slip construction eliminates premature breakage
  • Short assembly length for use in deviated wells Integrated running sleeve
  • A premium double threaded locking ring system assures the packer stays firmly set and sealed
  • Full casing ID
  • Matching liner connections and material
  • Available with either Mechanical or Hydraulic release running tool.
  • 10,000 PSI differential pressure rating
  • V3 Rated
Part Number:
Pressure Rating:
10,000 PSI