Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

Retrievable Cement Bushing

Overview During the Liner Hanger cementing operation a seal is required between the inside diameter of the liner and the work string. This seal forces circulation fluid to exit out of the liner shoe and then back up the annular space. The pressure required to force the fluid to take this course pushes upward on the liner sealing device. This force must then be offset by the set down weight of the work string to prevent the liner seal from being “pumped” upward and out of the liner top. To limit the set down weight requirement, a Retrievable Cementing Bushing (RCB) is often used. The Cementing Bushing locks into the liner top in order to transmit the majority of the upward force into the liner instead of the work string. Features
  • Features two sets of seals, one which seals the ID of the Setting Adaptor and one set that seals to the OD of the Slick Joint
  • Contains locking Dogs:
    • When locked the RCB is anchored inside the Setting Adaptor where it sits during cementing operations
  • Designed with extra length to allow the operator to pick up and verify the liner Running Tool has properly released
  • When pulling out the workstring, the Slick Joint reaches the undercut area beneath the locking Dogs and they retract inwards, this allows the RCB to be retrieved when pulling out of the hole
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