Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

Mechanical Release Running Tool


The Mechanical Drill Down Running Tool is a device used to pick up and carry a liner and its Liner Hanger equipment downhole in a well bore. This tool is a mechanical running tool as it uses mechanical manipulation of the work string in order to release it from the Liner Hanger equipment. It has a Threaded Nut which is used to connect the Running Tool into the Liner Hanger equipment. Running Tools are designed for high tensile and impact applications. Additionally, this Running Tool can rotate which is uncommon among most available running tools.


  • Contains a series of dogs which engage at the liner top, these dogs can be used to torque and turn the liner around obstacle as its being run downhole
  • To release the running tool a specific “up-down” is required to release the Threaded Nut which in turn releases the liner
  • Run downhole without the threat of being prematurely released from the liner top
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