Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

Lift Nipple with Junk Cover


The Junk Cover is a debris barrier device used in Liner Hanger Applications. The cover is positioned on the Lift Nipple and inserted into the top of the Liner Hanger’s Tieback Receptacle (TBR). This prevents debris circulated out of the annulus from dropping into the TBR. This debris could potentially trap the Running Tool and prevent a successful release from the liner top. With the Junk Cover in place, the amount of the debris which can enter the TBR is kept to a minimum.


  • Positively locked on top of the TBR which prevents the cover from being lifted or pulled out of position when the liner is run to the bottom or when the Running Tool is picked up
  • Internal shear screws assure the cover is positioned correctly at all times
  • Unlike other Junk Cover designs, when retrieved there is not debris left in the hole which assures no loose items are dropped inside the TBR
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