Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

Hydraulic Release Running Tool


The Hydraulic Release Running Tool is a device used to pick up and carry a liner and its Liner Hanger equipment downhole in the wellbore. The This tool is considered to be a Hydraulic Running Tool as it uses internal hydraulic pressure to release from the Liner Hanger equipment. Unlike a Mechanical Running Tool, the Hydraulic Release Running Tool is not susceptible to premature rotation release during the liner drill down operation. The tool has a Collet and splined Housing used to connect the Running Tool to the Liner Hanger. It’s designed for high tensile, compression and liner drill down applications. It is suitable for use in vertical, horizontal, and other deviated well geometry’s. A secondary emergency release feature is provided in case the primary hydraulic release is unsuccessful. The Hydraulic Running tool is used in conjunction with other assemblies to complete the full running tool assembly. These include the Packer Setting Dog Sub, Lift Nipple, Junk Cover, Slick Joint, Retrievable Cementing Bushing and Plug Releasing Sub


  • Hydraulic release does not require rotation of the work string for primary release
  • Can use both carry and rotate and/or push and rotate modes to aid in working the liner to bottom in highly deviated to horizontal well bores without releasing concerns
  • Variable primary and secondary releasing pressures and torque
  • High tensile capacity for carrying large liner loads
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