Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

Tie-Back Seal Assembly


The Tie-Back Seal Assembly is a liner hanger accessory which allows the well to be tied back to surface. This seal assembly, once landed, forms a seal inside the tie back receptacle (TBR) located on the existing liner top preventing communication between the liner’s internal diameter (ID) and the annular space above the liner top.


  • Multiple seal stacks for sealing within the existing liner top TBR
  • Integral locator positions the seal assembly properly inside the TBR
  • Lead wiper cleans bore minimizing debris on seal surface
  • Standard half mule shoe down
  • One piece mandrel
  • Full casing ID
  • Matching liner connections and material Available in various common lengths
  • 10,000 PSI differential pressure rating
Part Number:
Pressure Rating:
10,000 PSI