Frontier Oil Tools Product Catalog

2nd Trip Packer


A second trip packer is used to seal off any leaks in existing liner top. The second trip packer is run down to the liner top utilizing conventional liner running tools. The packer has an integral seal assembly which is stung into the liner top’s Tie Back Receptacle (TBR). Mechanical weight is then applied to compression set the packer’s element and hold down slips. The liner top will then be sealed off and the running string released and retrieved.


  • Provides secondary liner top TBR
  • One piece mandrel
  • Multiple seal stacks for sealing within existing liner top TBR
  • Anti-preset trip nose prevents premature set while running
  • Metal core bonded elastomeric element seal provides anti swabbing while running and circulating down hole
  • Non-swabbing, bonded packing element
  • A premium double threaded locking ring system assures the packer stays firmly set and sealed Integral hold down slips holds tool firmly in place
  • Utilizes Frontier’s standard running tool and accessories
  • 10,000 PSI differential pressure rating for element and seal stacks
  • V3 Rated
Part Number:
Pressure Rating:
10,000 PSI